Sales are based on relationships no matter what size of business, and as a sales professional, it is your job to build strong relationships with your customers. Often times we as sales professionals no matter what size of company we work for get lost in all the relationships. We need an effective and simple way to keep our relationships organized. This is exactly what a customer relationship management system (CRM) is all about.

A CRM can be as simple as a notebook with a list of the names of your contacts or as complicated as a software solution like Sales Force. A CRM is simply a tool, and like any tool unless you know how to use it and use it properly it will not work for you. A master craftsman has great tools, but it is his knowledge of how to use those tools that make him a master craftsman. This is why I always recommend those new to using a CRM to start with something simple.

But I am a one person show. I don’t really need to have a CRM system.

The truth is you are likely already using some sort of system to track your prospects, customers, and clients. Take a moment to think about how you currently deal with the contact information from a new prospect. Do you do similar things each time? You have a system, maybe not a good system but you are doing something that somewhat works.

A CRM is simply a system that works with you to keep you organized in building relationships for your business. If you are a one man show you may not need a complicated software solution. You may be able to get by with a simple spreadsheet. Whereas if you are a large organization and need to share the information across multiple users then an integrated software solution may be for you.

Even a simple solution provides many benefits to organizations of all sizes, even and most especially the one person shows. Benefits like:

  • tracking where your prospects are in the sales cycle
  • tracking where your best prospects are coming from (this can really helpful for to you target your marketing)
  • tracking where your sales are coming from
  • following up on leads.

Remember no tool is going to do anything for you unless you learn to use it. Most of all you need to use it. Once it becomes a habit you will wonder how you got along without using a CRM. There are many CRM systems all with different price points. From setting it up for free using Google Docs to monthly subscription fees.

If you are considering setting up a CRM for you organization and need help. Contact us and we will work with you to ensure to get a CRM that meets your needs and budget. We would be happy to train your organization to use these powerful tools.


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